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About us

Our Mission

The Mystery of Cells
When injured in an accident, our natural healing and immune abilities work to repair wounds naturally. Where does this repair order come from?
How much will the average life span grow when this mystery is solved?

Stemcell Holdings is composed of three group companies: Stemcell Research Inc., Clinical Stemcell Research Inc., and Animal Stemcell Research Inc.
The Stemcell Group is working to combine the cutting edge medical technology of stem cell therapy with genetic therapy and disseminate state of the art research on clinical medical applications, and we are advancing toward practical applications of DFAT super cells through joint research contracts with leading universities and the Somatic Stem Cell Clinical Research Society.

DFAT super cells will play a significant role in the propagation of regenerative medicine thanks to the following major advantages.

  • Extracting the cells is simple.
  • A large number of cells can be cultured in a short time.
  • They have multipotency, and further broadening of their differentiation ability can be expected with the latest research.
  • Mutation of the cells (oncogenesis) is extremely rare.

The mission of the Stemcell Group is to enable people all over the world to receive cell therapies more safely and easily.


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