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Animal Regenerative Medicine

Therapies for animal regenerative medicine using fat-derived mesenchymal stem cells have appeared here and there, but these therapies have been performed in the absence of conclusive evidence.
Furthermore, as small animals have little adipose tissue, there are doubts as to whether a sufficient amount of fat could have been collected. Even if stem cells can be extracted and cultured from this small quantity of fat, there are limitations.
Moreover, there were issues with hygiene control and culturing techniques when performing culturing at the clinic, and this technique failed to expand as expected due to these problems.

Our company stores various types of cells for small animals, and we are performing research with Tokai University to improve the transplant success rate performing typing and using type-specific cells and supernatant in therapies. This will enable revolutionary and dramatic advances in regenerative medicine for animals.

Use of DFAT in therapies for small animals

DFAT, the core of our regenerative medicine, is used in therapies for small animals.
A large quantity of pure, uniform DFAT can be cultured from a single pinch of fat tissue.
Using these precursor cells, our current development tasks are:

  • Creating liver cells and establish treatments (hepatitis, cirrhosis)
  • Creating nerve cells and establish treatments
  • Establishing treatments for spinal injuries and cartilage regeneration
  • Researching the use of DFAT for allotransplantation.

Culture Supernatant Treatments

DFAT-derived culture supernatant is believed to contain more than 500 types of cytokines and regeneration factors, and it is expected to have a variety of applications for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory therapies, etc.
Additionally, as they are not classified as cell therapies, obtaining approval will also be faster.

DFAT cells were used Treatment for small animals

Regenerative medicine What is DFAT cell?

What is DFAT-derived supernatant?

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